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Comments from our clients on their surveys:

3/31/16: I only bring my pets to you all. I trust you with my precious puppies. Thank you.

3/31/16: Mari, Marissa, Kimberly, Dr. Yates are just a few that come to mind that make the visits very tolerable. Having 6 dogs does create a problem because you are somewhat higher for the same services as surrounding vets.

3/27/16: Thank you to Dr. Harkey! Dr. Harkey and all the staff are caring professionals. I love the new look and design of the reception area. I highly recommend Animal Medical Clinic to all I meet with pets. I wouldn't think of taking Rock anywhere else.

3/24/16: I won't go anywhere else for pet care! The staff at the reception desk are kind, helpful and informative. The Dr's that attend to Azul and Enzo (my two dogs) are always willing to answer questions, they provide valuable information, and they always provide excellent care. I have no complaints. Excellent service all around.

3/23/16: Best place to kennel your pets in Kingsville

3/23/16: You have a great staff

3/20/16: Great service over 35 years and three dogs...we appreciate your services. We remember that Dr Underbrink didn't even charge us for our first dog's last illness. Thanks

3/17/16: Great service! LOVE Animal Medical Clinic!

3/15/16: Was very impressed with the knowledge displayed by the staff!

3/15/16: Great place for my pets

3/15/16: I have used numerous vets over the eastern side of the U.S. down through Texas, and your clinic is by far the best. Your staff is friendly and knowledgeable. And if they don't personally know an answer they look it up. They take time to make sure you understand what is going on. I would recommend this clinic to anyone within the area.

3/11/16: Dr. Underbrink is great at what he does. We are very pleased with the service provided for our cow.

3/8/16: Animal Medical Clinic has always shown great care with my pets. The vets and staff are professional courteous people. Thank you so much for the excellent treatment of my pets which I love so much. ;o)

3/3/16: Since it was an emergency situation, the staff and Dr.Yates were extremely helpful and efficient. They were the best! I really credit their care and expertise to Maverick making a full recovery. Thank you so much again for all you did!

1/29/16: Everyone was very helpful and welcoming! I was so impressed with how everyone worked and their knowledge in their field! Made me feel much better leaving!

1/28/16: The care for my pets is always of superior quality and the required time is always allowed for questions and concerns.

1/26/16: We really appreciate that the technicians/vet assistants are able to administer Comfortis tablets to our 3 cats. They are PROS at it. We like to keep them "flea free".

1/26/16: Wouldn't take my babies anywhere else!

1/25/16: We took our 3 active dogs in for immunizations & the tech was excellent with them. She truly seemed happy with her job. We have been to other vet clinics where staff clearly displays discontent with what they do.

1/23/16: I really like the Dr. that attended my dog - Azul as well as his assistant. My dog was very nervous and both calmed him and reassured him. The Dr. answered all of my questions, explained everything to me and never rushed the appointment. I would never take my dog elsewhere! Excellent service and staff at the counter are always friendly!

1/14/16: Dr. Underbrink is so helpful and took his time to speak with me and give me helpful tips about raising my puppies. He also explained everything he was doing and looking for during the examination. Monica was a great help as well offering her own advice and helpful tips for my pups. Great visit and wonderful staff! My boys and I will definitely be back.

1/12/16: Best clinic for my furbabies!

1/10/16: No Odors, which is great!

1/7/16: Carly felt better right away. The staff was friendly and polite.

1/7/16: Our vet is Dr. Harkey, I've always trusted the best care for my pets with him. Not only does he offer feedback and advice, but also takes the time to ask if we have any questions, and then has the patience to answer any we may have. By far the best vet service, if only we had medical doctors that were just as great around the area.

1/4/16: Excellent vets, staff, and caring atmosphere

1/2/16: We've been coming there seems a lifetime. Y'all are great

12/30/15: I have used this clinic for at least 30 years, and Dr. Underbrink and his staff have always been kind and professional. I will continue to use this clinic in the future.

12/19/15  Thank you to a vet who is always there for us when needed. Your staff is always friendly and helpful. Thanks.

12/16/15: Great vets and staff!

12/14/15: Dr. Yates was very helpful with our emergency call after hours. Our dachshund was very sick and she called us back with in minutes of each of our calls to the emergency line. The next morning, she saw him first thing, without an appointment. Dr. Yates and Daphne took care of Duncan very quickly and in a caring manner that didn't feel rushed. Our family is thankful our little buddy is feeling good again!

12/14/15: Keep up the great work!

12/11/15: Took my two dogs in for a bath and grooming. They did an excellent job!!! Thank you from me, Ollie and Maggie!!

12/9/15: I have been taking my pets to Animal Medical Clinic for years. I trust the Drs completely! ;)

12/9/15: Great facility and people

12/8/15: Everything was great. You can tell they care about the well-being of their patients.

dachshund_with_cup.jpg  "This sure is good, Mom!!!"

dane_and_kitten.jpg"Just what I needed, another bath!!"

horse_in_barn.jpg "Helloooo down there"

two_cats_in_window.jpg  "Did you see what I saw!?!"

clinic_pics2_5_15_08_001.jpg"Will I really be as big as you one day , Dad??"

I_m_not_sick.jpg"I told you I don't want to get my nails clipped!"

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